About Us

How did it all begin?

Experience Exchange was born after a discussion with a 12 year old. He knew he wasn't doing that well at school, and because of this he could see doors closing on his future. He saw a future where poor qualifications limited his horizons and prospects before he had even begun his journey towards the world of work.

He didn't think he had a lot to offer, but we thought differently.

He told us that in hoping to get a decent job when he left school, he might as well be aiming for the moon. So what we suggested was 'Why don't you aim for the stars instead? There are so many more to choose from, and you will get a whole lot further too.' 

That conversation got us thinking.



 The ‘Us’ in question were a group of like minded individuals who believed in the vision of an innovative, sustainable, open-palm business community who inspired each other to greater achievements.

  • Our Education Champion wanted to ensure that every young person enjoyed a successful and fulfilling working life.
  • Our Community Champion wanted to increase the levels of volunteering and ensure that older people remain engaged after retirement
  • Our SME Champion wanted to make sure that small businesses had access to the resources and support they needed to succeed
  • We all believed in aspiring to greater professional and personal development, and to having fun along the way.

So the conversation expanded from how every 12 year old should be inspired to develop from an ordinary kid into an extraordinary young man or woman. It covered how every business would thrive if they could rely on a steady supply of well qualified, business-ready employees when they needed them. It covered how the knowledge and skills of older people should be passed on to future generations, rather than lost to retirement. It covered how every person should have the opportunity to develop, regardless of their employment status.  

Most importantly, what we could do to make that happen.




The 4 sectors; Individuals, Education, Volunteering and Business each had their issues, but when we talked it through, two things became clear.

Firstly, that each sector had a set of problems that were common to all.

Secondly that each sector held the solution to the other sectors’ problems.

The ‘eureka’ moment happened when someone said ‘Isn’t it a pity that we can’t just join them all up?’ and the response was ‘Why can’t we?’  

So we did




We talked to businesses both large and small. We spoke to other young people and to schools and colleges. We spoke to people from all walks of life and of all ages, and the same common thread came up time and time again.


Sometimes, a simple lack of know-how can prevent you from achieving your goals. 


If you don't know how to do something the task can appear daunting, sometimes overwhelming, and the temptation to give up can be immense. Yet some people make the things you find difficult look easy. Then again, you make the things some people find difficult seem simple.


All it needs is for someone inspirational to help you along the right path.



It’s all based on this simple fact:  Everyone has something to offer, and we all have something to learn


It’s only when we’re all connected together that we can find the one person who has the skills that you’re going to need to succeed. That person could be in business, in college or in a retirement home; they could be around the corner or around the other side of the world. But one thing is certain; that ‘someone’ already knows what you need to know, because they have already done what you want to do. And more often than not, they would be willing and proud to help you do it too.


So why not share what you're good at, and trade it in for learning the skills that you need to succeed? 

Experience Exchange works for individuals because you can find opportunities to share and to learn.

Experience Exchange works for young people in education because it provides you with inspirational role models

Experience Exchange works for the voluntary sector because it finds volunteers with the skills you need

Experience Exchange works for business because it helps you to be socially responsible, harnessing the power of your employees for good.

When was the last time you had a conversation that could shape someone's future?

For that 12 year old, it was when he spoke to us.

It isn't that we inspired him to want to achieve great things, although we hope that we have. It was that his story helped inspire us to create the Experience Exchange. 

So that young people like him could feel that they had a chance of a successful and fulfilling working life. So that anyone who wants to can use the experience they already have to maximise their potential. So that businesses can find the coaches and mentors they need to succeed. And that volunteering becomes an easy and rewarding social activity. 


That 12 year old shaped our future.


For without him, you wouldn't be reading these words now.

Experience Exchange Ltd, is a company registered in England & Wales | Company Reg. No 07625827 | Registered Office 47, Fitzroy Crescent, Woodley, RG5 4EX